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Software Development

Far from the traditional understanding of software development being more attuned for resource / skills augmentation, we differentiate software development as delivering enterprise life cycle applications managing portfolio against their utility; leveraging a global delivery model with the simplicity of on-demand deployment that is socially mobile on a cloud.

When we refer to technology, we see it in the context of our customers’ business processes; both core and support processes that continuously engineer Mind 2 Market (M2M) and Time 2 Market (T2M) advantages. This in turn would facilitate business growth and productivity mutually inclusively; without sacrificing one for the other.

We develop software that is both COTS and CUSTOM that spanning across the five layers of the enterprise architecture. From Information Abstraction supporting both Business & Cognitive Intelligence and Information Management including Enterprise & Customer Relationships, Enterprise Resource Planning & Management, Enterprise Master & Meta Data Management integrating legacy software, we work the whole nine yards.

While we do differentiate to attract the best possible talent, we also help them stay at the top of the maturity curve on leading edge business technology through our much acclaimed Human Capital Management process. We stay current and effective because we are not afraid to experiment and make mistakes on our own time to let customers benefit from them.

Our secret sauce is not any of the above though. It is our agility in thinking and the method in implementing Program and Projects with a process driven co-creative customer approach that distinguishes us. For us every line of code or a piece of software that enables a transaction is a connection to achieving the enterprise business goals and objectives.

Stripping off the labels of Outsourcing, offshoring and so on, we undertake software development for a fixed price and fixed time employing the best resources globally to deliver optimal results within the scales of economy and time promised; reliably that meets business goals.

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