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Product Development

Product Development for us is the ability to co-create from concept to cash, at every stage bringing in customer voice into the development and release cycles; from the perspectives of Creating & Managing Demand as well as just Managing Demand with different segments and target markets. We believe that our key to successful Product Development engagement with our customer is our Design Thinking capabilities.

Products especially in software have very limited shelf life and are also highly competitive. Version and Release Management, documentation and support including training and alliance management become key to every Version and Release of the product and their maintenance; globally and locally. With proven methodologies, tools and passion for co-creation, we are a rare breed of implementers of the strategic roadmap of an enterprise.

The secret to our success in Product Development is the deep insights we bring in the intersection of the lifecycles of Product and Customer as a critical yin and the yang. As a consequence, we pay great attention to detail with respect to processes. This allows us the flexibility to bring about rapid transformation using Meta data and / or re-usable objects.

Product Development for us is more a business challenge than a technology challenge. This inspires us to think how a product would be experienced in its entirety across the life cycle more than just the transaction of buying a product. Agile Development, Global Delivery Model, New Technology Focus including Cloud, Mobile, RTE and Social Enterprise are all part of the ingredients we use in creating a success story. However, it is our deep passionate Enterprise Architecture skills that are absolutely critical to partnering; developing a product for blockbuster success.

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