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It is a travesty that Education and Learning have persisted over time two entirely different entities. Even more unnerving is the fact that Education is considered to be completed at a certain period in life. The view we take of Education at Acropetal is a lifelong engagement with enlightenment and Learning being the Yin and the Yang.

Currently, every responsible society and nation on the planet is looking for transforming its education system in the context of the modern world that is orchestrated by technology. This is also a reflection of how societies have evolved today, living in a global village. There is a massive emphasis on education, especially from the perspective of the government to create mechanisms of growth. Innovation and growth in societies are only possible with the availability of Quality Education.

We are innovating on the core process of education that would account for delivering Quality learning experiences, besides focusing on the other emerging needs including:

  • Digital Learning
  • Distance / Mobile Learning
  • Educational Applications (Devise, Channel, and Medium Independent)

Our focus on education is across the segments of K12, Universities and Corporates. In each of these cases, we are concerned both with the recipient as well as the delivery. While we integrate the different elements of the education system by connecting with the ecosystem, we are also concerned in the processes of certification and accreditation to assure quality. Increasing Parental Engagement, enabling the right talent, making education interesting and relevant, and finally making education accessible to rural and remote parts are some of the key areas of our focus.

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