In order to untie a Knot, one first needs to understand how it is tied

-Traditional Wisdom

Innovation is intended as a way of life; not just a slogan

At Acropetal, it is meant to be practiced as a discipline that enables us to Create & Manage Demand; thereby creating Value. It starts with addressing an industry map leading to solutions development. Such solutions are multi-dimensional in nature abstracted from an unconditional perspective. Our effort is to create such a perspective, co-creating with each one of you in our Customer Universe. Our Customer Universe includes our Prospects and Current; Employees, Clients, Stakeholders, Shareholders, Vendors, Business Partners and Society in which we operate our enterprise at a given point in time.

We distinguish the process of creating Intellectual Property (IP) as a fusion of Invention, Innovation and Improvisation with Program (Strategy), Process (Customer Focus) and Product (Business Applications). Our effort is to research and develop solutions continuously in the industry to enable our customers to scale the next higher threshold of capabilities; concurrent to their business as usual as a continuous process and not as a discrete event.

We will soon extend a Hreemm – Our Innovation Engine Platform that will enable the Co-Creation of Intellectual Property (IP), Solutions and Products that will seamlessly integrate Innovation Management as a Process with the Customers' Performance Management Process. In collaborating with the Core Process of our Customer Enterprise, we intend to institutionalize Innovation and Growth in our Customer Organizations measurably through Mind 2 Market (M2M) and Time 2 Market (T2M) metrics. We are focused currently on the following Verticals:

  • Innovation
  • Overview