In essence, this will facilitate a Customer to renew Enterprise Solutions for Growth with greater frequency; balancing both the Invention to Innovation and the Innovation to Improvisation Cycles.

Our Lines of Intelligence (Delivery) are tightly coupled with our Lines of Innovation to deliver value to our customers intelligently. The Core Process innovation that we undertake in each vertical and for each customer Market / Segment is converted into an Enterprise Solution that integrates the relation and dependencies between the Core and Support Processes of an Enterprise. Often, it is the absence of this relation that causes the enterprise problems and costs with respect to integration and minimizing Returns On Assets Deployed (R.O.A.D.).

As a Value Proposition, we deliver Business Technology Solution offerings for our Customers that can be acquired as Product, Process, Service and / or Platform. This gives our Customer the choice from a Risk Assurance perspective as well as a control on the Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) of a business solution; not its parts.

Interconnected as they are, our lines of delivery are differentiated by the perspective of delivering a business solution for an enterprise as a whole as opposed to slivers / departments of an enterprise. This is no way takes away the flexibility of the customers to choose the right solution without worrying about the consequences of integration. Our method of delivery generates value from our philosophy of pricing; derive our profitability from being productive in our processes rather than a cost plus model.We further measure our success on all the five dimensions of delivery; Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Flexibility.

Our Lines of Delivery are focused on:

As a business model, we are structured for Agile Global Delivery at the rate and requirement of each individual Customer at a "Fixed Price Fixed Time" Annuity Model. "Our Solutions are differentiated by Design Thinking in their Concept & On-Demand Availability for Delivery Globally"

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