We invite our Customer Universe to participate and create this new entity that can take pride to be the poster child of the Knowledge and Experience economy. As a business entity, we first look upon our role as one of Wealth Creation for our Customer Universe.

We Welcome your Participation and Opportunities to Co-Create.
A joyous participative environment to build Intellectual Property (IP) and contribute to the wealth creation in societies where the business participates.

Individual / Enterprise Customers:

  • Individual :
    Tools, Methods and a Networked Eco-System to innovate as a professional and / or entrepreneur and grow Personally, Professionally and Emotionally and contribute to wealth creation in society.
  • Enterprise:
    Products, Processes, Services and / or a Platform to be networked in an Eco-System that facilitates collaboration and innovation.


A trusted network where the stakeholders can participate without the fear of failure and expect a fair and equitable return for the role essayed by them in the business processes across the Value Chain of the Acropetal enterprise.


A reliable, ethical and compliant business that will thrive on creating growth and therefore earning exponential returns on the Intellectual Property (IP) assets developed and deployed for customers.

Business Partners:

A non-partisan, trusted and non-invasive network that works on the principles of merit and core competence providing business opportunities that will commonly contribute to the growth of the Customer Universe of the Acropetal enterprise value chain.


A good customer in Acropetal who can be relied upon to be ethical, trust-worthy and pro-active in managing a mutually growing and contributing relationship.


A compliant business enterprise that is committed to Wealth Creation in the societies it participates in; demonstrably respecting the culture, caring and supporting the issues and concerns of the local society where the business operates; to the best of its capabilities.
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